About Us


Uncharted Territory Solutions (UTS) mission is to elevate our students career expectations while providing a comprehensive education. We strive to equip students with the knowledge, skills and training needed to envision, enable, empower, and positively engage in the organizations and communities in which they work and or live.


Uncharted Territory is an educational entity that offers a path to skills and knowledge needed to respond to emergencies, practice safely, or obtain employment. It is our aim to help undeserved people who wish to obtain entry level healthcare credentials as well as businesses through training and professional development.


Uncharted Territory was founded by William Hill in 2019. William started his career working as a Phlebotomist in Minden Louisiana while actively serving in the United States Navy Reserve where he deployed to Afghanistan. After returning from deployment, William was able to complete Nursing school in 2015. William graduated Nursing school and began working in the Intensive Care Unit. After several years working bedside, William decided that he wanted to do more for his community. In 2019 he established the first location for Uncharted Territory in Houston, TX. Uncharted Territory has since grown into an established business that continues to serve and help those in need. Today Uncharted Territory offers a variety of entry level health careers and proud partners with some of the premier organizations across the country.