There is a lot to know about Uncharted Territory. We are an open book. If you cant reach us may be some of our frequently asked questions can help you in the meantime.

Houston, TX- 507 N Sam Houston Pkwy E Suite 165 or Texarkana, TX- 1301 Hazel St

We will send you an invoice, or you will be directed to where to make your payment.

Yes, students must wear scrubs; specifics will be discussed during orientation.

Books and Supplies are included and we cover your National Exam unless otherwise mentioned.

Yes, Payment plans and other options are listed online.

Students must pay their down payment before beginning any program; all other costs will be identified once agreed upon.

You can reserve a seat online; if you need assistance, give us a call.

Yes, but to reserve a seat, you must complete the down payment. We cannot guarantee a seat if your down payment is not received in time.

Yes, but some classes are taught in a hybrid format. Most courses require a clinical component which involves the student getting hands-on experience.

Classes that are taught in a hybrid format have a skills component. Classes listed as online are traditional online courses.

No, we promote independence and try to be as flexible as possible. However, there will be times when mandatory meetings are held; these will be disclosed ahead of time.

No, we can help you become CPR-certified. 

Yes, you will need a background check, and you cannot have a criminal record to enroll. We pay for your background check.

No. There is no entrance exam currently, but depending on the course; you may be asked to complete a basic assessment.

No, unless you are pregnant.

The certification examination test fee is included in our courses. You will need to purchase a uniform, a stethoscope, a flu shot (if not already current), TB test. This will add approximately $100 to the cost of the course.

No. You have to be 16 as long as you can prove that you are enrolled in high school or have a GED

Yes, we work with the Work Force; please reach out, and we will submit the required paperwork once enrollment is complete.