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Certified Nurse Aide

This is Houston CNA training or Texarkana CNA training (CNA training near me) that is comprehensive and designed to teach students the skills needed to provide basic care to patients and residents in hospitals and long term care facilities. The student will learn how to administer First Aid, perform CPR, check vital signs, and many other essential skills required to be licensed as a CNA. In order to become a CNA in Houston, you must enroll and graduate from an accredited or licensed program in the state of Texas. To be licensed, students must take the Texas Nurse Aide exam. The written exam may be taken in English or Spanish and the skills will be performed in English as requested by the examiner.

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Our Course takes six (6) weeks to complete

Hybrid- Lectures online (Online CNA training), clinical and skills in person


Clinical and skills days will be announced during the first week of class, typically students complete one skills day, and three 12 hour shifts Thursday-Saturday.


Admission Requirements:

Be at least 18 years of age

Original Social Security Card

Identification Card/ Driver’s License

Proof of Education: GED, high school diploma, or 8th grade transcript as a prerequisite

Completed Student Enrollment