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Pharmacy Tech

During our Online Houston Pharmacy Tech class or Texarkana Pharmacy Tech class you will be under the instruction of our licensed staff and curriculum, you will be guided through an in-depth, comprehensive course to learn the skills and principles associated with pharmacology and pharmaceutics. This program will teach you essential industry-related skills, including drug identification, dosage calculations, safety procedures, patient assistance, and much more. 

Upon completion, students will have the opportunity to take the NHA Pharmacy Tech test to become a licensed and Certified Pharmacy Technician.

Please be advised that some states require additional items to be come fully licensed and we will help you navigate the challenges.

This class is 100% online and can be taken anywhere.

This course is completely online and requires a working computer.

Students will have up to 30 days to test after completion of this course.

Accelerated- 12-week course

Admission Requirements:

Be at least 18 years of age

Original Social Security Card

Identification Card/ Driver’s License

Proof of Education: GED, high school diploma, or 8th grade transcript as a prerequisite

Completed Student Enrollment