How to Become a Phlebotomist

Phlebotomists are healthcare professionals who are trained to work directly with patients, as well as to collaborate with physicians and other medical providers. A phlebotomist specialty is to draw blood, match samples, label and store blood and handle biological substances in a safe, sanitary way.

If you’re interested in doing a course in phlebotomy, Uncharted Territory is an educational entity that offers a path to skills and knowledge needed to obtain entry level healthcare credentials. By completing our phlebotomist vocational program, you can receive the knowledge and skills needed to pass the National Phlebotomy Exam by the National Healthcare Association.

Phlebotomy Vocational Program

At Uncharted Territory, we offer a phlebotomy vocational program, which is structured over six weeks. We make a significant emphasis on hands-on experience, and our students are required to conduct a minimum of 30 blood draws. For instance, our program requires bringing at least two individuals to campus for this practical component. 

Our vocational program to become a phlebotomist is available in two formats: in-person and in an online-hybrid way, which allows flexibility based on individual schedules. The hybrid model involves completing the majority of coursework online, with in-person components for skills and clinical aspects.

In terms of the program itself, you can expect mandatory orientation sessions so as to ensure that students are well-prepared with the necessary knowledge and skills in a condensed time frame. This approach aligns with Uncharted Territory’s commitment to elevating our students’ career expectations and providing a comprehensive education that prepares them for employment. Our graduates of the nationally recognized certification programs we offer are currently earning $16 or more per hour. 

Additionally, our program presents transparency regarding requirements, which contributes to a well-rounded and accessible educational experience. From elements such as scrubs that need to be used, which are discussed during orientation, to its inclusive pricing covering books, supplies, and the National Phlebotomy Exam, our program will explain what the requirements are prior to the beginning of the course. 

Uncharted Territory’s flexibility, commitment to independence, and disclosure of mandatory meetings further enhance the overall learning journey for students pursuing their healthcare credentials. Offering nine vocational programs and different instructor courses, we strive to help underserved people who wish to obtain entry level healthcare credentials as well as businesses.

National Phlebotomy Exam by the National Healthcare Association

Uncharted Territory’s phlebotomy program is meticulously designed to equip students with the expertise needed to excel in the field. By preparing students for the National Phlebotomy Exam administered by the National Healthcare Association, the program not only imparts crucial knowledge but also emphasizes hands-on experience. 

Phlebotomists trained through this program play a pivotal role in the healthcare system, contributing to the accurate assessment and diagnosis of patients. Uncharted Territory guides individuals towards essential skills and knowledge required to respond to emergencies, practice safely, and secure employment opportunities. Committed to empowering underserved communities and individuals seeking entry-level healthcare credentials, we offer transformative training and professional development programs. 

Free Phlebotomist Course in Houston

Do you think that you can be eligible for funding? You can get our free certification as a phlebotomist in Houston, Texas, by connecting with your local workforce:

  1. Contact your local workforce or Nonprofit Workforce organization.
  2. Work with the agency to complete the approval process.
  3. After approval contact Uncharted Territory Solutions to enroll and begin classes.

At Uncharted Territory Solutions, we work alongside nonprofit organizations and vocational rehabilitation services so that underserved individuals of the community can access our free phlebotomist course in Houston, Texas. Complete the survey to see if you qualify.

Phlebotomist School in Houston, Texas

As phlebotomists play a crucial role in a provider’s assessment and diagnosis by drawing blood, this program focuses on essential skills required in the field. Uncharted Territory Solutions (UTS) has a mission to elevate students’ career expectations and provide comprehensive education to enable positive engagement in their respective communities. To address the financial aspect, payment plans and options are available to the community. 

Uncharted Territory is here to support underserved individuals in obtaining entry-level healthcare credentials. To learn more about how to become a phlebotomist in Houston, Texas, you can call us at 877-834-6101 or text us at 281-660-9927.