What does a Medical Assistant Do?

In the healthcare environment, medical assistants play an important part in assisting doctors in different areas, including clinics, hospitals, and medical offices. Medical assistants work under the supervision of a provider, having many duties so as to ensure that the patients receive everything that they need and that the doctors have the necessary information collected. 

If you’re looking for a job in healthcare, considering a medical assistant position is an excellent choice. With courses lasting less than 12 weeks, you can get trained in just a few months to apply for professional positions and start your journey in the healthcare field. Let’s get started on how to become a medical assistant, what this job’s duties are, and where you can get certified in the Houston, Texas, area.

How Do I Become a Medical Assistant?

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, during 2022, the medical assistant position presents a wide variety of benefits to individuals seeking to obtain employment quickly, among which you can find the fact that:

  • The job outlook is much faster than average.
  • The median pay is $18.40 per hour.
  • The entry-level education required in postsecondary.
  • Usually, no work experience in the field is necessarily required.

In order to become a medical assistant to secure a job in the healthcare field, individuals must complete a course to receive their certification. This course is of great importance so as to receive the training necessary to complete the duties that are required. From taking vitals and conducting in-office screenings tests, to recording medical histories and sending information to diagnostic laboratories, the role of the medical assistant is a key part in the healthcare system.

Become a medical assistant in the Houston, Texas, area by completing the vocational course offered by Uncharted Territory Solutions. You can contact us to receive more information about the different courses that we offer by sending us an email to: info@utllcnetwork.com. Additionally, you can call us at 877-834-6101, or text us at 281-660-9927.

Medical Assistant Vocational Program

Uncharted Territory Solutions offers an 11-weeks vocational program to become a medical assistant and obtain employment in the healthcare field. Our objective is to get individuals trained for different positions in the medical area in less than 12 weeks, granting affordable prices and the best education throughout the entire process.

Our Uncharted Territory graduates are currently earning +$16 an hour after completing our nationally recognized programs, including our vocational programs and our instructor courses. Regarding the medical assistant course, we offer the 11-weeks program that involves:

  • In-person or online-hybrid options based on schedule, allowing individuals to take our program while working.
  • Skills and clinical coursework in person, requiring a minimum of 80 hours.
  • Books and supplies included.
  • Certification examination test fee is included.
  • Orientation required, which will answer all of your questions. 

Elevate your career expectations with Uncharted Territory Solutions. Our comprehensive education programs strive to equip students with the skills and training needed for the healthcare environment. Our students are able to envision, enable, empower, and positively engage in the organizations and communities in which they work and or live.

Preparation for the NHA CCMA exam: Medical Assistant Certification 

During the medical assistant vocational program at Uncharted Territory Solutions, you will receive all the knowledge and preparation for the national exam to become a Certified Medical Assistant through the NHA.

The NHA CCMA exam, which is structured in seven topic areas, enables individuals to work as a medical assistant in the Houston, Texas, area, in different healthcare facilities, including clinics, hospitals, and offices.

With our 11-weeks program, you can rest assured knowing that you will have the knowledge, preparation and in-person practice to complete your NHA exam. Our graduates are successfully inserted in the healthcare industry, securing job positions that grant them a livable wage. Learn more about us by requesting information at info@utllcnetwork.com 

Free Medical Assistant Course in Houston

Uncharted Territory provides you with funding opportunity recommendations with the Scholarship Connection Survey. If you’re looking for a free medical assistant certification in Houston, Texas, you may be eligible for funding and attend our vocational programs without having to pay.

From the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which offers programs to eligible individuals so that they can obtain good jobs, to Vocational Rehabilitation and Nonprofit organizations, Uncharted Territory Solutions recognizes these funding opportunities so that you can enroll and begin classes.

Medical Assistant School in Houston, Texas

Uncharted Territory Solutions (UTS) is an established business active since 2019 that has the mission to serve and help those in need, offering a variety of entry level health careers in an affordable price range. To address the financial aspect, payment plans and options are available to the community. 

Become a medical assistant in Houston, Texas, and obtain an entry-level healthcare credentials at Uncharted Territory. Get started by calling us today at 877-834-6101, or text us at 281-660-9927.